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65(2) · January 27, 1998

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Effects of pravastatin on chronic rejection of rat cardiac allografts.
M. A. Maggard, B. Ke, T. Wang, F. Kaldas, P. Seu, R. W. Busuttil, and D. K. Imagawa

Fas ligand gene transfer to renal allografts in rats: effects on allograft survival.
K. M. Swenson, B. Ke, T. Wang, J. S. Markowitz, M. A. Maggard, G. S. Spear, D. K. Imagawa, J. A. Goss, R. W. Busuttil, and P. Seu

Comparative effects of University of Wisconsin and Euro-Collins solutions on pulmonary mitochondrial function after ischemia and reperfusion.
O. Detry, K. Willet, B. Lambermont, M. Meurisse, J. Pincemail, D. Serteyn, M. Lamy, J.-O. Defraigne, R. Limet, and F. E. Sluse

Critical preservation injury in rat fatty liver is to hepatocytes, not sinusoidal lining cells.
C. Taneja, L. Prescott, and B. Koneru

Removal of anti-porcine natural antibodies from human and nonhuman primate plasma in vitro and in vivo by a Gala1-3Galß1-4ßGlc-X immunoaffinity column.
Y. Xu, T. Lorf, T. Sablinski, P. Gianello, M. Bailin, R. Monroy, T. Kozlowski, M. Awwad, D. K. C. Cooper, and D. H. Sachs


Tacrolimus (FK506) and mycophenolate mofetil combination therapy versus tacrolimus in adult liver transplantation.
D. E. Eckhoff, B. M. McGuire, L. R. Frenette, J. L. Contreras, S. L. Hudson, and J. S. Bynon.

Conversion of pancreas allograft rejection to acceptance by liver transplantation.
C. Wang, J. Sun, L. Li, L. Wang, P. Dolan, and A. G. R. Sheil

Biliary tract complications of side-to-side without T tube versus end-to-end with or without T tube choledochocholedochostomy in liver transplant recipients.
J. M. Rabkin, S. L. Orloff, M. H. Reed, L. J. Wheeler, C. L. Corless, K. G. Benner, K. D. Flora, H. R. Rosen, and A. J. Olyaei

Causes of leukocytosis in liver transplant recipients: relevance in clinical practice.
N. Singh, T. Gayowski, and I. R. Marino

Economic costs of expanded criteria donors in renal transplantation.
J. F. Whiting, M. Golconda, R. Smith, S. O’Brien, M. R. First, and J. W. Alexander

Effects of changes in the criteria for nationally shared kidney transplants for HLA-matched patients.
Y. Hata, J. M. Cecka, S. Takemoto, M. Ozawa, Y. W. Cho, and P. I. Terasaki

A review of the kidneys that nobody wanted: determinants of optimal outcome.
C. M. Lee, J. D. Scandling, M. Pavlakis, A. J. Markezich, D. C. Dafoe, and E. J. Alfrey

Delayed graft function after renal transplantation.
W. W. Pfaff, R. J. Howard, P. R. Patton, V. R. Adams, C. B. Rosen, and A. I. Reed

Long-term results of ABO-incompatible living kidney transplantation: a single-center experience.
K. Tanabe, K. Takahashi, K. Sonda, T. Tokumoto, N. Ishikawa, T. Kawai, S. Fuchinoue, T. Oshima, T. Yagisawa, H. Nakazawa, N. Goya, S. Koga, H. Kawaguchi, K. Ito, H. Toma, T. Agishi, and K. Ota

Venous thromboembolic complications after kidney and kidney-pancreas transplantation: a multivariate analysis.
A. Humar, E. M. Johnson, K. J. Gillingham, D. E. Sutherland, W. D. Payne, D. L. Dunn, L. E. Wrenshall, J. S. Najarian, R. W. Gruessner, and A. J. Matas

Mycophenolate mofetil for the treatment of a first acute renal allograft rejection.
The Mycophenolate Mofetil Acute Renal Rejection Study Group.

Mycophenolate mofetil reduces the risk of acute rejection less in African-American than in Caucasian kidney recipients.
E. J. Schweitzer, S. Yoon, J. Fink, A. Wiland, L. Anderson, P. C. Kuo, J. W. Lim, L. B. Johnson, A. C. Farney, M. R. Weir, and S. T. Bartlett

Primary immunosuppression with tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil for renal allograft recipients.
D. Roth, J. Colona, G. W. Burke, G. Ciancio, V. Esquenazi, and J. Miller

Breast-feeding during treatment with cyclosporine.
G. Nyberg, U. Haljamäe, C. Frisenette-Fich, M. Wennergren, and I. Kjellmer

Ten-year experience in transplantation of A2 kidneys into B and O recipients.
P. W. Nelson, M. D. Landreneau, A. M. Luger, G. E. Pierce, G. Ross, C. F. Shield III, B. A. Warady, M. I. Aeder, T. S. Helling, T. M. Hughes, M. L. Beck, K. M. Harrell, and C. F. Bryan


Donor-derived antibodies and hemolysis after ABO-compatible but nonidentical heart-lung and lung transplantation.
C. T. Salerno, J. Burdine, E. H. Perry, V. R. Kshettry, M. I. Hertz, and R. M. Bolman III

Effects of immunotherapy on experimental immunodeficiency-related lymphoproliferative disease.
P. S. Randhawa, T. L. Whiteside, A. Zeevi, E. M. Elder, A. S. Rao, A. J. Demetris, X. Weng, L. A. Valdivia, J. Rakela, and M. A. Nalesnik


Quo vadis, my transplant fellow: a discussion of transplant surgery fellowship training activity in the United States and Canada: 1991–1997.
D. B. Kaufman, N. L. Ascher and the Education Committee of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons

Experimental Transplantation

Tolerance induction by intrathymic inoculation prevents chronic renal allograft rejection.
D. Blom, N. Morrissey, C. Mesonero, X.-J. Zuo, S. Jordan, T. Fisher, O. Bronsther, and M. S. Orloff

Mycophenolate mofetil: a promising new immunosuppressant that does not cause bone loss in the rat.
I. R. Dissanayake, G. R. Goodman, A. R. Bowman, Y. Ma, S. Pun, W. S. S. Jee, and S. Epstein

Clinical Transplantation

Monitoring of cytomegalovirus infections by the CD8 1 CD38 1 T-cell subset in kidney trans-plant recipients.
M. Belles-Isles, I. Houde, J.-G. Lachance, R. Noël, I. Kingma, and R. Roy

Long-term function and survival of elderly donor kidneys transplanted into young adults.
M. S. A. Kumar, D. Panigrahi, C. M. Dezii, G. M. Abouna, R. Chvala, J. Brezin, A. M. S. Kumar, S. M. Katz, M. McSorley, and D. A. Laskow

A unique African HLA haplotype may identify a population at increased risk for kidney graft rejection.
P. C. Creemers and D. Kahn

Prosthesis jump graft: an unusual arterial reconstruction in liver transplantation.
E. Jovine, A. Mazziotti, G. Ercolani, G. L. Grazi, M. Masetti, F. Pierangeli, and A. Cavallari


Paired kidney exchange is not a solution to ABO incompatibility.
P. I. Terasaki, D. W. Gjertson, J. M. Cecka


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